To allow people from all over the world to get in touch with each other more conveniently, many social media platforms are developed better than ever before. People can share their feelings through text, images, and videos on social media platforms and interact with other users interested in the content. Social media acts as a bridge to connect with different people.

The video resources on all kinds of social media platforms are soaring today, as videos become the main type to express rich content. Therefore, you can discover lots of videos of any category on social media platforms. But currently, many of the platforms haven’t provided the download option to save these videos offline. Thus we need the help of an extra video downloader.

Therefore, today, I’d like to introduce an all-social-media video downloader to you, which can help save videos from different social media platforms conveniently. Before that, let’s first grasp what the popular social media platforms of 2020 are.

7 Mainstream Social Media Platforms 2020


YouTube absolutely is one of the most popular video streaming platforms today. With over 600 million videos uploaded every day, people just like using YouTube to easily discover all content they love. The categories of the videos cover a wide range, from entertainment to tutorials, you can find almost any resources you prefer here on YouTube. YouTube is also a place for people to interact with each other basing on the uploaded content. Video sharing and commenting are both free of charge.


As one of the earliest founded social media platforms, Facebook has gained lots of users worldwide. Now it has developed into a social media platform and a place for boosting businesses. On Facebook, merchants can advertise and gain profits from the considerable traffic volume of the platform. Besides, Facebook also released more functions such as video calls, online meetings, etc., features to users, bringing great convenience.


Twitter is also a popular social media platform for people who want to catch the latest trending worldwide. The “Trending” section of Twitter is a feature that attracts many users to the platform. Usually, the hit topics would be ranked on “Trending” so more people could easily see them. This is a good way to grasp the latest news and share your own opinions on different topics.


Reddit is a large forum for western countries. The platform has been divided into different sections. Users can easily access the sections they are interested in for grasping what other people are discussing or simply sharing their own thoughts through image, text, and video posts. Reddit has really high volume, and it is also a good place for discovering more niche and interesting topics and videos.


Today, Instagram is quite popular among youngsters. It is a place for sharing great pictures and videos taken by themselves. People can also easily interact with each other by leaving comments or giving a like to the media content they like. Also, Instagram allows people to use hashtags for getting their pictures and videos involved in more topics so that more people can access the content. As a result, you can search for the topics you are interested in on Instagram and access the fascinating videos or photos shared by other users.


Tumblr is also a top using social media platform today, which lets users share multimedia and other content online with others freely. The content would be posted in the form of a short blog with a well-presented layout and can be followed by other users. To keep content private, bloggers can also choose to set their blogs to be private. Anyway, Tumblr is a great place for sharing thoughts.


VK is a niche social media platform comparing to the big brands listed above. It is developed in Russia. Although it offers different languages, it is now still used by Russian-speakers mainly. But this doesn’t stop it from being a popular social media platform. Till 2018, VK gained over 500 million accounts and is ranked as a top using social media platform worldwide.

How to Download Videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or More

As people now pay much attention to computer software’s convenience, so are there any reliable video downloaders that can help save online videos from different media platforms at once? The answer is yes, and the tool we are going to introduce is VideoHunter.

VideoHunter download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

VideoHunter is an all-platform downloader, which is capable of downloading online videos from over 1,000 sites. They include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Reddit, VK, TED, Vlive, CNN, etc. As you can notice, it includes all the popular social media platforms of 2020. So if you are the users of these social media platforms and want to grasp a tool that can help you download videos from them at once, VideoHunter is an ideal option for you.

VideoHunter is a high-quality video downloader with the ability to detect the original videos’ high output resolutions, then generates and provides such options for users to download the videos. For example, high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K are provided by VideoHunter. For audio, the highest 320kbps is also available.

Features of VideoHunter are:

  • Support mainstream formats such as MP3, MP4, and WEBM (Windows) to download videos/audios;
  • Allow to save YouTube playlist (Mac) and subtitles offline separately;
  • Provide super fast downloading speed, which is also up to 6X faster speed;
  • Batch download feature helps to save several tasks at the same time;
  • Completely ad-free and intuitive interface for new users.

Steps to Download Videos from Social Media

Also, the steps to download videos from online social media platforms are very simple. Just follow this tutorial to download social media videos with VideoHunter!

Step 1. Copy the URL from Social Media Platform

First, go to the social media platform where you have a video to download and then log in with your account. Some platforms don’t need to login to access the video resources, so on these platforms, you can directly go to the video page and copy its URL.

Step 2. Paste the URL to VideoHunter

Then please launch VideoHunter. As you enter the main feed of VideoHunter, please directly paste the URL into the downloading bar in the middle. After that, click on the Analyze icon beside the bar, and VideoHunter will begin to analyze the video and convert it for you.

VideoHunter copy and paste URL of a video

Step 3. Download with Your Selected Quality

After VideoHunter finishing analyzing the URL, VideoHunter will provide users with some options to download the video offline. Now select an output format and the quality you like, tick it, and finally press the Download icon to save the video offline.

VideoHunter download video and audio

Tips on Using VideoHunter

  1. On the macOS, VideoHunter provides the ability to download a whole playlist from YouTube. So you can save a lot of time while downloading YouTube videos. You can try to download YouTube videos in this way more quickly.
  2. For some platforms providing embedded subtitles for the videos, VideoHunter can detect the subtitles and provide users with options to save them in SRT format. Currently, VideoHunter can help download subtitles from YouTube, TED, and CNN. But please remember that it can only save the embedded subtitles uploaded to the platforms in an extra file.
  3. VideoHunter claims to provide high resolutions such as 1080p, 4K, and 8K for saving online videos. But you should note that the high-quality options are only available when the original video resource has provided such options.

VideoHunter download video audio subtitles

Are you considering to download videos from social media platforms? VideoHunter can satisfy your need to download from different platforms. Therefore, the all-featured video downloader, VideoHunter, can save your effort to search for different tools for saving from different sites. As a result, you could give VideoHunter a try, and it could bring a fascinating experience to you.

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Angelica Gaskins
Angelica Gaskins is the Editor of Techtear. She’s an award-winning blogger and author, and an occasional consultant on tech startup marketing strategy. She focuses on technology related news coverage, other editorial content, and working with the growing community of correspondents and contributors.
Angelica Gaskins
Angelica Gaskins is the Editor of Techtear. She’s an award-winning blogger and author, and an occasional consultant on tech startup marketing strategy. She focuses on technology related news coverage, other editorial content, and working with the growing community of correspondents and contributors.
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