You can easily learn about the current SEO trends to gain more traffic to your blog or website and establish a robust online presence. Modern-day SEO does not end with keyword research, title, and URL optimization. 

It involves several complex processes, from equipping your page to popup in zero-click searches to establishing strong link building in similar websites or blogs in the same niches. SEO trends of 2021 stress making every website mobile friendly and having an impressive UX interface.

Long-form writing with quality content

Quality content is the king as long-form content providing in-depth analysis and detailed coverage about the topic is the current trendsetter. Link Building is still the easiest way to get noticed by the search engines and rank top on their first page. 

For example, if you are running a pet eCommerce store, write long-form content in pet blogs that accept guest posts to drive traffic to your original blog. helps you write guest posts in various high-DA blogs in the same niche, allowing link building, driving traffic to the main blog, and getting established as a notable personality in the field.

AI-filtered website ranking

Artificial Intelligence has made its way into every aspect of our life through the Internet of Things. It knows everything from the contents in our refrigerator to our bank balance. Automated AI will rule the SEO in 2021 as all algorithms check not only for keywords but overall user experience in using a website.

AI considers every website feature, from easy navigation to better page loading speed and mobile-friendliness, before ranking a website. Further, it tests thoroughly for content relevant to search queries and lists only the pages with strong backlinks making SEO much harder than before.

Impressive UX

The look of the websites has evolved drastically over the years. An impressive UX with interactive features like voice commands are the trendsetters in 2021. 

Such measures call for extensive usage of long-tail keywords that sound similar to a voice query. Google stresses on a professional UX, enabling infinite scrolling in the mobile and secure website viewing in the laptop with excellent visual stability. 

Unwanted links, excessive selling, and too much marketing links are limited in the minimal and professional modern UX website settings. Interactive features like chats that offer help to users viewing the page are often embedded in new sites to improve user experience. 

Controlled intrusive popups 

With ad revenue ruling most of the blogs and websites, it is almost hard to browse for a few minutes without some popup, forcing us to enter the email address. SEO trends in 2021 will scrutinize such practices and only rank websites with organic content on their first pages.  

AI will automatically detect the frequent popups, which creates irritability among customers and rank down the pages using them frequently. The current SEO trends aim to make the browsing experience user-friendly and quick rather than ad-friendly and marketing centered as it had been for quite some time now. 

Zero click search 

Dictionary and word meanings often appear on top of the Google Search Engine Results Page or SERP. The snippets for more than 50% of the actual keyword searches will now appear on SERP, severely restricting direct web page views and avoiding unnecessary clicks. 

One way to still get traffic is by presenting the answers to the most searched queries clearly and in an optimized manner in the first paragraph of the website or blog content. The other way is to write organic in-depth, research-based content, which gives some valuable information to people who want to know more than the basics.