Learning a new language is a kind of roller coaster mixed with the feeling of immense excitement, and joy. It can cause magic through the charm of uniqueness each language has. A journey to multilingualism can be a never-ending process with unending usefulness. It is very essential to learn more than one language.

In the world of globalization, the demand for multilingual personalities is high. It thrills the mind of the people who learn new languages as it creates fun and excitement. But, every language is different and so is its importance. So, all languages cannot be useful to learn.

Before deciding which ones to learn, always measure its practical applicability and use. It is all because of globalization, that people are forced to learn different languages as it fosters communication and trade among the countries.

Learning languages is the need of an hour. In every area like collaboration, networking, transport, trade, and travel, language is the most essential part.

From more than 7000 existing languages, it seems difficult for a person which one to select for the best languages to learn. But, there are only 23 important ones that relate to half of the population of the world.

In the words of Benjamin Lee Whorf, “Languages shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.”

Can we guess which one is the most important language to learn in the present scenario?

You will come to know about the most useful languages through this guide.

What Makes the Most Useful Languages Special?

For a language to become the most useful language, one must consider the personal goals, objectives, and choices. Given below are some of the factors which will end your worries and help you in choosing the most useful languages:

Number of Speakers

Before choosing the most important languages to learn, consider how many speakers speak it. The most commonly spoken language will be the most useful. Opting for the most commonly used language will pave the way to select one.

Some languages are not spoken but still have innumerable uses as they are used internationally. For example, there are many official languages of the U.N. which are used politically, for businesses and non-profit organizations.

You should also take insights about which of the second languages people are preferring to across the globe. For instance, one of the most commonly chosen second languages is French due to the increase in the number of total speakers.

Geographic Region

Secondly, you should consider the region where a language is spoken. Choose the most important languages to learn based on its practicability and variability. For this, European languages are in great demand.

It is essential to choose a language based on your aim and goal while measuring the geographic region. For instance, if you learn a language which is most frequently used in a particular region, but you do not travel there then it would hardly be of any use to you. So, choose according to the geographic region.


Focus on the versatility of the language you choose to learn. Some of the most versatile languages are of the U.S. as they are used almost in all spheres. Similarly, Mandarin Chinese or French are used due to demand in professional areas like businesses, politics, and art.


Almost in all the fields of career, language skills are in great demand. Its usability depends on your field of career. For example, Spanish will be beneficial for you if you work in the field of medicine, law, customer service, and education in countries like the U.S.

Similarly, Mandarin, Japanese, and German are beneficial for international business.

Determine the best languages to learn according to the requirement of the job. Look into the skills that a job requires and develop those. Become language proficient and the job is all yours.


Usability and Usefulness are two distinct terminologies. Usability means frequent use of a particular language. For instance, you might be a user of Mandarin Chinese, but when used only twice in industry conferences, then it might not be useful.

Usability is determined by the number of speakers, location, and versatility too. The number of times you use a particular language will increase the chances of yours gaining proficiency at it.

The Most Important Languages to Learn

The most useful languages to learn

1. Spanish

Spanish is the heart and soul of a large number of total and native speakers across the globe. Most popular travel destinations like South and Central America are home to Spanish speaking countries. Additionally, if you wish to love, travel, or work in the U.S., then choose Spanish as the best language to learn.

It is the second most widely spoken language with 538 million users. It is also an official language of the U.N. Spanish would be useful if you want to learn for business with the outside countries. It is one of the most essential languages for Americans.

2. German

Europe’s most commonly used language is German as Germany is its most dominating economy. Are you planning to do business in Europe? If yes, then learn German. It is the easiest and one of the funny languages to learn. With 132 million native speakers, it is the 13th most common first language worldwide.

According to The U.S. Census Bureau, German is the fifth top trading partner of the U.S. it is also useful in the field of academics and innovation which would help users in the field of creative-thinker.

3. French

Popularly known as the “Love Language”, for centuries it was the international language. Around 277 million speakers speak French. It is the 14th most common language. If wishing to choose a career in non-profit or developmental areas, then learn the skills of this language.

It is useful in the field of academics for historians across the globe.

4. English

With 1.268 billion users, which is a huge number, this language is considered one of the best and most important languages to learn. English is used in all sectors. From global business to tourism and travel, from economy to technology, from innovation to diplomacy, this language is the best language to learn.

This language is widely spoken in all the leading economies like The US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The most important language of the internet with most of the content produced in this language on the web.

5. Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese ranks the topmost in the list of one of the most important languages to learn. It has around one billion total speakers worldwide which makes it the leader. It is the language spoken by the people of China. It is the most useful language as China is the leader in globalization which increases the demand of people who know Chinese for leading businesses.

Mandarin Chinese enhances communication across the globe as it is most often used. One of the six official languages of the U.N. is Chinese. Learning this language can make a person’s career bright as China is the economic leader in the world of business.

6. Russian

This language has influenced the people of Eastern European and Europeasian countries. With 258 million users, it is the 8th most commonly spoken languages. It paves way for enhancing communication worldwide. It is useful in various fields like polity, literature, and the economy.

It is one of the six official languages of the U.N.

7. Portuguese

With 252 million users it is the most widely spoken language in countries like Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. Portuguese is one of the best languages to learn due to its increasing demand in the field of travel, tourism, and globalization as well.

It is the vital language used in business making it the ninth-largest economy. It has multiple professional uses. As the Amazon rainforest is found in Brazil, this language would benefit scientists and biologists.

8. Japanese

Do you love the food, culture, technology of Japan? If yes, then learn Japanese. As it is not spoken outside Japan, still it is useful with 126 million speakers around the world who are in love with this country.

It is also the best language to learn as Japan is the hub of businesses that would benefit all those people who wish to opt for a career in international business. It is the fourth top trading partner of the U.S. This country is known for innovation so all the innovative thinkers can learn this language who are planning to make a career in the field of innovation.

9. Hindi

One of the most important languages to learn with 637 million users around the world is Hindi. It is the best language to learn as Hindi is most widely spoken in India which is a great contributor to the world’s economy.

10. Italian

Although it has limited speakers as compared to other languages, still it is an important language to learn. Italy is rich in art, culture, and history with its rich heritage. It is also a common travel destination which makes this language important if you love its heritage and tourism. It will help you if you plan a trip to Italy.

11. Arabic

A language used by nomads or tribes is considered as one of the official languages of the Arab League. It comprises 22 countries like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and more. It is spoken by around 274 million people. It is the fourth-most widely spoken language in over 20 countries.

This language has immense scope in areas like national security, International NGOs, journalism, and much more. Arabic speakers also can explore jobs in areas like science, engineering, architecture, business, etc.

It paves the way to learn multiple dialects in the area of specialization.

12. Korean

One of the most interesting and funny language to learn is Korean. With phonological characters, and a unique writing system it is the easiest language to learn. The shapes in this language resemble the shape of your mouth when you produce a sound.

It is useful for business to learn this language.

13. Amharic

If you prefer career opportunities in business, then learn this language. It is the lingua franca of Ethiopia with around 22 million native speakers. With the increase in the rate of the economy up to 8.1% from 2018 to 2021, it will become a hub of manufacturing. For this reason, it is important to learn this language.

14. Swedish

One of the simplest languages to learn with the familiar words of the English language is Swedish. People who have a strong base of English can choose this as the best language to learn.

15. Norwegian

This language comprises of simple grammar and words similar to the English language. As both languages belong to the Germanic family, they resemble a lot. It is the simplest and enjoyable language to learn.

These were some of the best languages to learn.

Reasons to Learn A New Language

There are plenty of reasons as to why learn a new language, but the most common ones are mentioned below:

To Make Extra Money

Learning a second language or more than one language can lead to earning extra bucks. It will help you to earn more and more. In the words of Economist, learning Spanish will grant a 1.5% bonus, French will grant a 2.3% bonus, and German 3.8% bonus.

Better Career Opportunities

In the world of globalization, the demand and scope of learning a new language will give you endless opportunities in your career. So, choose the best ones and be fluent in that. That’s all you need to rise.

Common Language FAQ

1. What is the Most Spoken Language in the World?

The most spoken language

First Language

In the list of the first language, English ranks the list with 1.268 billion speakers.

Second Language

Mandarin Chinese takes the lead as a second language with around 1.120 billion users worldwide. With the official language in 59 countries, Arabic is also considered as the second language.

2. Which Language is Spoken in All Five Continents?

Yes. French is the only language other than English to be spoken on all five continents. With the outspread of French colonials, there are both native and non-native speakers of French.

3. Which is the Most-used Language for Websites?

English covers the web content enormously (60.3%), Russian comes after that. If you have a willingness to learn a second language then Chinese can be your choice. A little less than half of the content (8.6%) on the web is produced in Russian only.

The most used languages for web content
Credit: w3techs.com 

4. What are the Most in Demand Languages?

The highest demand language will vary according to the country or place. E.g., the most demanding language is Portuguese, as Brazil is the increasing leader in the economy. Due to its leading tourism industry, Portuguese has become the most demanding language as most of the countries started setting up companies there.

The Most Spoken Languages in the World

Language Countries Number of speakers
English Unites States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, several African countries 1.268 billion
Mandarin Chinese China, Singapore, Taiwan 1.120 billion
Hindi India, Nepal, Pakistan  637.3 million
Spanish Spain, Latin America 537.9 million
French France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, several African countries, Oceania, Antilles, South East Asia 280 million
Arabic North Africa, Middle East 274 million
Russian Russia, CEI 258 million
Portuguese Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Guinee Bissau 252 million
German Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg 132 million
Japanese Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines 126 million
Korean South Korea, North Korea, Russia, Japan 79 million
Italian Italy, Albania, United States, Switzerland 68 million


Interesting Facts of Languages

Fact Language
Language for Career Advancement, Technology, and Diplomacy English
Language of Love French
Language of European Business German
Language of Modern Technology, Innovation Japanese
Language of Europe-Asia Russian
Language of Leading Global Economy India Hindi
Language of Islam Arabic
Phonetic Language, Easy to Learn Korean
Language of Arts, Culture, History, and Food Italian
The Official Language of Brazil Portuguese



Are you planning to work in a different country? Choosing a career abroad or in international business? If yes, then you will need to learn the language of that particular region or area.

Learning a second language will pave the way to innumerable opportunities in your career leading to extra bucks and growth opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose amongst the best languages given above and steal the career opportunity.

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Angelica Gaskins is the Editor of Techtear. She’s an award-winning blogger and author, and an occasional consultant on tech startup marketing strategy. She focuses on technology related news coverage, other editorial content, and working with the growing community of correspondents and contributors.
Angelica Gaskins
Angelica Gaskins is the Editor of Techtear. She’s an award-winning blogger and author, and an occasional consultant on tech startup marketing strategy. She focuses on technology related news coverage, other editorial content, and working with the growing community of correspondents and contributors.
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