The world is transitioning fast, and investing in promising technology will help make some good bucks and survive comfortably. Stock trading powered by advanced AI software gives every person a chance to leverage a high-profile company’s profits. 

Investing in various fields with enormous growth opportunities and the still not used by most traders is a promising way to make quick bucks. The top five industries that have fantastic potential future growth opportunities are listed here. 

Massive demand for software as a service e-commerce stocks

According to the experts on, e-commerce stocks are gaining significant demand after the pandemic struck as their home delivery services were in high demand. Apart from the top companies, small enterprise e-commerce stocks like Square, Exela, BigCommerce, and Shopify emerged as attractive investment options. 

The share price of such companies providing software services to build and operate e-commerce stores rose steadily, and many people opted to create new stores to cater to the local market needs. New investors can try their hands in such platforms as their shares are available for a low price (Shopify $0.40 per stock) and have huge growth potential. 

Rebounding hotel stocks 

Hotels are fast regaining their lost share value after the pandemic as most people have started to travel and do it more often than before. The extended lockdown kindled many people to visit the places they like before another catastrophe strikes, increasing the demand for good hotels. 

Besides, big hotel stocks’ prices are rebounding fast because many people who earlier lived in shared places with roommates now prefer to live alone in a hotel or lodge. Hotel stocks are increasing steadily, and investing in them now would be a great way to make some big bucks very shortly. 

Promising sports stocks 

From the team owners competing to buy stocks of well-performing teams to the several commoners flocking to invest in video game companies, sports stocks are getting their due importance in the past couple of years. 

Fitness-related companies and factories manufacturing high-end AI-based fitness-related gadgets are at the forefront attracting the interest of the top investors in the stock market. 

Companies indulging in digital betting, eSports, and controlling the satellite rights of huge radio and television sports channels are also getting huge investments. If sport is your cup of tea, try investing in companies like Madison Square Garden Sports Corp and Dick’s Sporting Goods to get promising returns. 

Banking stocks for long term investment

Buying bank stocks without a second thought will be a profitable long term investment. Banking stocks are mostly subject to fall and rise based on the business, political, and economic environment. 

They won’t cause significant losses because they will rebound quickly as 90% of the population still depends upon the banks for most of their transactions. Some of the promising banking options that yield good dividends to their customers are Goldman Sachs, U.S. Bancorp, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. 

Banking stocks are considered the safest form of stock trading investment, and they are mostly used to train beginners on how to observe the share price rise and fall. 

FMCG stocks for guaranteed returns 

The basic rule of investing is to select companies manufacturing products that you cannot live without using. Companies selling fast moving consumer goods from cosmetics to home electronics fall under this category. These companies always yield steady returns as they have constant and recurring demand for their products. 

Procter & Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, and Pepsico FMCG companies provide excellent value for customers’ money. Another best option to invest in FMCG companies is by using exchange-traded funds like Consumer Staples Select SPDR Fund. The parent firm invests in all the promising FMCG companies and gives good returns to its consumers.